Michigan Genomics

The EHR data integration and analytics underlying MPOG are now being used for novel genetics research through such efforts as the Michigan Genomics Initiative.

The Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI) is creating an institutional repository of DNA and genetic data together with a rich medical phenotype for broad portfolio of future medical research.  Many different types of health data are integrated to create a more complete picture of each participant's health, disease, exposures, treatment and outcomes.  

Electronic Health Record

  • Clinical diagnosis to understand each participant's conditions
  • Laboratory values to establish severity of disease and clinical outcomes
  • Medication history and doses to understand conditions and treatments
  • Imaging, cardiology, and pulmonary tests to understand diagnostic efforts
  • Procedure records to chronicle operations


  • Raw genetic data to establish participant-specific genotypes
  • Imputed genotypes to create a more comprehensive understanding
  • CAP-certified biorepository to enable future biochemical analysis

Patient-Completed Questionnaires

  • Baseline and follow up data
  • PROMIS-based measures of pain, mood and function