MPOG Executive Board

MPOG Executive Board Members

Term Expiring 2020

C. Michael Crowder, MD, PhD - University of Washington
Alex Evers, MD - Washington University, St. Louis
Warren Sandberg, MD, PhD - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Term Expiring 2019

Robert Craft, MD - University of Tennessee
Hugh Hemmings, MD - Weill-Cornell Medical College – New York Presbyterian
Jeffrey Kirsch, MD - Oregon Health Science University

Term Expiring 2018

Talmage Egan, MD - University of Utah 
Lee Fleisher, MD - University of Pennsylvania
Wilton van Klei, MD, PhD - University Medical Center of Utrecht, Netherlands

The Executive Board elections will be held each April.  At that time, the expiring board members positions will be up for selection.  The Chairperson / Head of Practice for each group actively contributing data will eligible for election and will either self-nominate or be nominated by another Chairperson/Head of Practice