MPOG PI's Key Responsibilities

The MPOG Principal Investigator has several key responsibilities:

  1. Representing the site during the Perioperative Clinical Research Committee (PCRC) meetings (online, first Monday of each month, 10 am eastern) and voting on proposals
  2. Offering insight regarding clinical practices  / data practices during publications committee call and follow up email
  3. Serve as the local primary point of contact for any research proposals submitted by your organizations’ faculty 
  4. Serving as a voice for institutional perspective when MPOG considers additional data sources, strategic directions
  5. Working with local IT staff to ensure participation is up to date and active
  6. Identifying a local clinician (nurse, CRNA, resident, other faculty) that will perform the data diagnostics and validate of 5 cases per month
  7. Sheparding (or delegating) local IRB continuing review (annual) and any updates to the data use agreement and MPOG Bylaws