The technical process for becoming an MPOG contributing site can often be initiated in parallel to the regulatory process.  The amount of technical effort required to transform your local data into the MPOG data structures can vary widely depending upon which electronic health record (EHR) or Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) you use.

There are two major types of contribution levels, ranging from the departmental-focused to the enterprise comprehensive


  • Mini preop (ASA status, preop medications, height weight)
  • Intraoperative anesthesia record
  • Intraoperative point of care laboratory values
  • Basic demographics (age, gender)
  • Anesthesia professional fee billing


  • Full preoperative history and physical (comorbidities, anesthesia plan)
  • Postoperative evaluation
  • Long term preoperative and postoperative hospital laboratory values
  • Surgical outcome registries (ACS-NSQIP)
  • Hospital discharge ICD codes

A dedicated MPOG server (physical or virtual) is required to host your local MPOG database and necessary applications.  More technical information is available in the technical downloads area.